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About WeCooked

Covid19 has impacted everyone in some way or another—especially the restaurant industry. 40% of restaurants are still closed and one in five restaurant owners say they are confident they can keep the business open, according to Grubstreet. Our leadership team has 50 years in hospitality who were all impacted, but fortunately we have been able to innovate and adapt. As a direct response to the pandemic, we launched ghost kitchens, stood up a popup steakhouse, and created WeCooked as an online e-commerce platform to sell directly to customers bypassing high third party fees. We have seen great results from these solutions and believe we can further expand these solutions to help other restaurants while curating some delicious food to satisfy some hungry stomachs.

Our vision: WeCooked is a curated multi-brand restaurant solution designed to empower restaurants to meet the evolving customer experience through the right infrastructure. We did extensive research on market potential & growing competition in the cloud kitchen space and formulated the business plan (attached) that infuses multiple verticals for restaurants to reduce cost, mitigate risk, and increase profit.